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The Black Shark 2 packs unique gaming features and innovative tech not found in boring ol’ “regular” smartphones. We’re talking about the most powerful specs, the world’s lowest latency touch screen, innovative Master Touch controls, and a slew of pro features like Game Dock and Gamer Studio. If you’re a gamer, there is a lot to love.

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Combine the gamepads with the 2Pro Gaming case onto the Black Shark Pro 2 to create a similar gaming experience found on a Nintendo Switch. Never block your sight using the touch screen again in the middle of the action. Instead, see everything AND have better controls to win everytime. 

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Whether you’re gaming at home or on the go, Black Shark has your back with legendary performance, legendary control, and legendary gaming innovation.

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For a true pro-gaming experience, grab these epic Black Shark accessories and build your own custom gaming setup

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For a full console-grade control experience, just add the Pro Kit—complete with a protective case and dual gamepads. Then, play your favorite games with a physical joystick, touchpad, and 12 mappable buttons.

Black Shark 2 Pro: the Gaming Phone Legend is Here.

Big news: the upgraded and power-boosted Black Shark 2 Pro is available right now at You might be wondering: “what makes Black Shark Pro 2 the Gaming Phone Legend?” Good question. It starts with the best specs and groundbreaking gaming tech, fine-tuned for maximum performance:

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Let’s start off 2019 right. It’s the New Year, and you deserve some new gaming gear. Win more this winter with exclusive deals on the Black Shark gaming phone and gaming accessories.

All-new Black Shark Gamepad 2.0 + Black Shark Xmas

Black Shark isn’t just a smartphone brand - it’s a community of gamers. So when you have amazing ideas, we listen. Many of you have asked for a more intricate gamepad that caters to hardcore gamers. That’s a great idea, so we went back to the lab and made the Black Shark Gamepad 2.0. What’s new? Well, a lot:

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Our site (EU/UK/Global/NA), along with other official retailers, are authorized to sell legitimate Black Shark smartphones and accessories. Here’s why you should be sure to buy from authorized sellers:

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Black Shark Friday was a massive success! So much so that you guys bought, well, all of them - we’re out of stock! A huge thank you (and congratulations) to everyone who joined the Rebellion and got their very own Black Shark gaming phone this holiday season.

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It’s our very first Black Friday here at Black Shark, so we’ve decided to go big. Really big. Right now, you can purchase your very own Black Shark for €50 off thanks to our Black Shark Friday Bonus. Head to our store to get your Black Shark now:

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We decided to go big for the first ever Black Shark Friday, starting November 23rd. How big? How about “€100/£100 off the world’s most powerful gaming phone” big?

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It’s h a p p e n i n g. Black Shark, the world’s most powerful gaming phone, is available right now. Learn more about our innovative gaming phone and buy today, right here at

Lootbox Challenge: Code of Conduct

We're committed to making our Lootbox Challenge fair and fun for everyone. As you may have noticed, today, we've deducted some XP from those accounts not complying with the terms of the contest.

Black Shark launch - November 16. Join our Lootbox Challenge to win one today!

Join our Lootbox Challenge to win one today! We’re excited to announce that Black Shark, the world’s most powerful gaming phone, is officially coming to Europe on November 16th.